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Our 2018 1% for the Planet Donation

This being Earth Day and all, we thought we would announce to where we committed our 2018 1% for the Planet donation: the California Wildfire Restoration Fund, hosted by the National Forest Foundation (NFF). During its three month funding window, the NFF raised enough money to plant 325,000 trees in California’s national forests impacted by recent wildfires. You can read more about these efforts here.

As you may recall, AlphaGlider has committed to donate one percent of its revenue to non-profit organizations which are working to minimize the impacts of climate change. We agree with the scientific community’s near unanimous belief that anthropogenic climate change presents the single largest threat to our civilization, and in turn our investments, over the coming decades and centuries. For those of you who are AlphaGlider clients, we thank you for the privilege and trust that you have placed in us, and for providing us the ability to make donations to climate change related non-profits like the NFF.