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+ How can I contact AlphaGlider?

Phone: +1 415 967 8047
Fax: +1 415 952 9405
Address: 2443 Fillmore St #380-2048 / San Francisco, CA 94115 / USA

+ Is AlphaGlider regulated?

AlphaGlider is a state-registered investment adviser. Due to our management location and the location of our clients, we are currently registered in the states of California, Texas, and Louisiana. AlphaGlider is permitted to service clients resident in any state and territory of the United States, but must register with a particular jurisdiction once our client count in that jurisdiction exceeds a defined number, typically five.

You can learn more about AlphaGlider and our CIO, Doug Kirkpatrick, CFA, on the SEC's Investment Adviser Public Disclosure website and in our client brochure (Form ADV Part 2), a document that all registered investment advisers are required by regulation to disclose to prospective and existing clients.

+ How do I get updates of new AlphaGlider blog posts?

Our AlphaGlider email newsletter alerts subscribers to new AlphaGlider blog posts. Sign up here.

+ Can I follow AlphaGlider on social media?

Yes, our CIO actively posts to his Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and to AlphaGlider's YouTube page.

+ What is a "bps?"

"bps," pronounced "bips," is short for "basis points." There are 100bps in 1.0%.

The investment industry expresses annual interest rates and management fees in terms of bps. For example, AlphaGlider's annual advisory fee for $200,000 in managed funds is 50bps, which translates into $1,000 (0.5% x $200,000 = $1,000).

Still have questions? Please chat us (bottom left), call us on +1 415 967 8047, or email us at