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Are we a good fit?

By now you've learned about AlphaGlider, and if AlphaGlider may be a good fit for you. But are you a good fit for AlphaGlider? These are the characteristics that we look for in potential clients: 

  • patience and focus on long-term investment returns

  • the need for only investment management services, and not financial planning services

  • comfort in working with an investment adviser over the phone and/or the internet (e.g. email, video conferencing)

  • have at least $100,000 in long-term household funds to invest, and preferably $200,000, the level at which our 0.5% advisory fee rate begins to apply (funds between $100,000 and $200,000 are charged our $1,000/year minimum annual advisory fee); we do not accept households with less than $100,000, but we can point you to some good services that you can use until you reach our minimum


Let's Talk

Thank you for your interest in AlphaGlider. We know that trust is of utmost importance when considering an investment manager, so our Chief Investment Officer, Doug Kirkpatrick, CFA is available to speak with you — no charge.  :-)


Find Your Ideal Strategy

Before your discussion with Doug, we suggest that you first take our Risk Profile Survey.1 It is a series of questions that will help us get to know you better so that we may recommend the AlphaGlider strategy that is optimal for you. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

Notes & Disclosures

1Risk tolerance is an investor's general ability to withstand risk inherent in investing. This risk tolerance questionnaire is designed to determine your risk tolerance and is judged based on various factors. The adviser uses his own experience and subjective evaluation of your answers to help determine your risk tolerance. There is no guarantee that the risk assessment questionnaire will accurately assess your tolerance to risk. In addition, although the adviser may have directly or indirectly used the results of this questionnaire to determine a suggested asset allocation, there is no guarantee that the asset mix appropriately reflects your ability to withstand investment risk.