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So Think of Fees Like Termites...

So think of fees like termites. They’re tiny, they’re barely noticeable, and they can eat away your f****ing future!
— John Oliver

John Oliver is great at explaining complex topics in a clear, down to earth, and humorous way. Last week he explained the messed up world that is financial advising. 

As a favor to your future self, it is worth watching this for 20 minutes. If you only have three minutes to spare right now, watch it from minute marker 18:15, where one of his colleagues outlines five key things to do for your financial wellbeing. If you don't have three minutes, here they are:

  1. start saving now,
  2. use low-cost index funds,
  3. if you have an advisor, ask if they are a fiduciary. If they say no, run.
  4. as you get older, gradually shift your stocks into bonds, and
  5. try to keep your fees like your milk, under 1%. Because just like interest compounds, so do fees.